What Your Remote Receptionist Can Do for You While You’re Away

Remote Receptionist

The constant incoming calls, the queries from both the business’ website and social media channels, and the many needs-to-make-that-call-but-can’t excuses, they’ve become invasive. The closest thing you can compare your life to, lately, would be a pail in the shower, overflowing with water. You can’t just keep up with the commitments any longer. In a […]

Secretarial Services Online: 3 Factors to Consider Before Getting One

Secretarial Services Online

What do Obi-Wan Kenobi, James Bond’s M and Kung Fu Panda’s Master Shifu have in common? Besides being pop culture’s most recognizable fictional characters, they’ve had one-time favorites who’ve gone rogue, turning against the very institution they were trained to protect and nurture. Whether Anakin Skywalker, Raoul Silva and Tai Lung have just become too […]