How Outbound Call Services Will Make Your Startup Successful

Outbound Call Services

You couldn’t contain the excitement on the day your startup finally began operating. Your dreams are coming true!

For your marketing campaign, you’ve already finalized the contract with this SEO company, which will be responsible for your product’s search engine visibility and inclusion.

Also, your content and social media marketing calendars have been approved and are ready to go. Everything is digital now and you can’t wait to make your mark in the platform.

Three months later, something’s felt missing. Sales have been underwhelming.

While the leads coming from Google and social media have been rising, they are not really taking action, like making a purchase.

And then, you sought the advice of an old entrepreneur friend.

“Have you tried outbound call services or telemarketing?” he said, with a smile.

And it hit you.

Your startup needs one.

According to the new research conducted by the DMA Contact Centers and Telemarketing Council, it has been found marketers from all over the country continue underestimating the eff­ectiveness of telemarketing.

On the other hand, the vast majority of the businesses surveyed, 92% to be exact, say that it is eff­ective.

From now on, outbound telemarketing should be an essential part of your marketing campaign, along with your digital marketing efforts.

One area outbound call services will strengthen your marketing: Customer Service

outbound call servicesIt happens all the time. Customers being cut in the middle of a call. This is frustrating for both parties.

For one thing, people consider calling toll fees as something they’d only do when everything else fails to work, regarding their concerns.

Over the years, toll fees have made the experience quite unpleasant to people.

One of the most popular reasons is the long waiting time, not to mention the less-than-stellar choice of tones while connecting, before they can speak to a real customer representative.

For another, there are some companies that don’t call back their customers when the communication abruptly ends.

There are just those who are not too proactive when dealing with this particular scenario, resulting to customer concerns not being resolved, and eventually impacting the company’s image and profitability.

However, with the advancement of technology and the heightened competition among companies to win over customers, connecting to a toll fee has never been faster and a more pleasant experience.

One of the best ways to incorporate outbound call services with your ongoing digital marketing campaign is to offer a ‘we can call you’ service feature for those customers who want to know more about your product in their preferred time and place.

When a particular customer opts for this feature, he/she is almost ready to make a purchase, and just wants to talk to a live customer representative for further details.

Great things happen when you make the customer live better by offering services that address their concerns in the most efficient way possible.

Outbound call services are one of the most efficient ways ever.

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