How ‘Low Cost’ Really Are These Low Cost Answering Services?

Low Cost Answering Service

The word ‘cheap’ used to be a drawing factor among advertisers back in the day, when its impact to the public was received positively. After all, who dislikes cheap?

Then came the 90s and ‘cheap’ has been so ubiquitously used in every marketing paraphernalia that the public suddenly found itself immune to the word.

The truth couldn’t be plainer: marketers from all over the country needed a new word. And they need it fast.

From the ashes of synonyms rose ‘low-cost’ as the industry’s new champion. A shining beacon of hope to an otherwise ailing industry needing a much needed redemption at attracting the masses.

Today, low-cost is associated with something that can be bought with reasonably low price, but without compromising quality.

It proved effective, not only because ‘low-cost’ sounded unassuming and honest, but the products behind it have been consistent in its approach of being a bang for the bucks.

The answering service sector has caught up, and companies bearing the ‘low-cost’ title have sprouted like mushrooms as of late.

Factors that contributed to these answering services being low cost: Competitive market

low cost answering services

According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 34 broadband providers in the US, as of July 2015. Comparatively, China, the world’s most populous nation only have 6.

The only way to survive this harsh business environment is to either buy the competition or offer services at a very competitive price. The latter seemed to be the fastest way to make a profit out of this, resulting in broadband prices being cheap.

Answering services need the internet to function. With the prices down, most answering service providers have been marketing their offering as low-cost, because they can.

The American market has now become so competitive that a single mishap on marketing would lead to customers switching to the competition. So, when low-cost answering service providers tell you theirs is low-cost, you can bet they mean it well.

The availability of technology has led to answering services being low cost

To effectively run an answering service company, telecommunication technologies should be advanced and must be regularly updated.

When the internet became more and more affordable, the technology and hardware that run with it followed suit.

VoIP telephones, computers, etc. have been easier to purchase and own, as they’re being sold just like any other basic goods and commodities. Also, because there’s a demand.

When there’s a demand, companies will be rushing to provide for it, offering products at a larger quantity and ultimately flooding the market with them.

And they become available anywhere, pushing the prices even lower.

Low-cost answering service providers have become a favorite among entrepreneurs and startups wanting to offer customer service without hurting their already meager budget.

With this, they are able to compete with industry giants when it comes to improving their customer service experience.

When people want to contact their favorite brands, they will be just a single phone call away, without the long wait they used to endure back when big companies were the only ones to be offer toll fees, resulting to long call queues.

Everyone can offer answering service now that they’re ‘low-cost.’

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