3 Reasons to Finally Get your Startup the Service of a Live Receptionist

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You know what happens when you sacrifice the little things, so that the big things can happen? The big things rarely happen!

Generally, entrepreneurs would overstretch saving their resources in preparation for the big things.

For instance, not everyone is so keen to have someone receive their customers and business prospects via phone.

They have a website, after all, and hiring a receptionist is a costly affair.

Not only were they wrong about having a phone receptionist being costly, they’re also setting themselves to burning-out when the amount of queries they receive gets out of hand.

Admit you’re not Superman and realize you’re missing on these when you don’t get your startup the service of a live receptionist:

Getting a live receptionist service will leave great impression to the customer

live receptionist serviceNobody likes to be greeted by a voice mail. NO ONE.

Imagine if every time you want to contact this person or brand only to be greeted by a robot. It is just sad.

On the other hand, being answered by a friendly and professional live receptionist, after a max of two rings, is a much more pleasant prospect. This impression is everything.

In today’s voicemail-heavy business lines, having a live receptionist to answer your customers brings an impression of great customer service.

When customers feel they’re treated with utmost importance, that feeling gets transformed into brand loyalty, which in turn will bring you revenue; brand loyalty, ultimately, translates to the most effective marketing there is: word of mouth.

Queries being solved real time

Gone are the days when people have to wait 3-5 days for their issues about a product or service to be resolved.

The traditional business model, where the business commands the customers have changed.

If you cannot fulfill the customer’s request, they will go to your competitor.

That meant losing money and the startup you’ve so dearly built from scratch.

Most products are born from the necessity to solve people’s problems.

For instance, people who have an active lifestyle and listen to music while working out have one problem: cables (or wires).

Snagging while they lift, being drenched in sweat when they run, and in some days, slowing down the workout because it got tangled like octopus tentacles.

Bluetooth earphones have been the result of that problem.

Now, if you’re selling Bluetooth earphones and a customer demands a replacement because the one he brought stopped functioning after being dropped, and you’re not available, it will be frustrating to him.

If you’re lucky he’ll persist calling. If not, he will switch to other manufacturers.

But before he do so, he’ll leave you bad reviews, passionately, in your social channels, Amazon or eBay pages.

With a live receptionist, not only are you giving the customer a voice, you’re also giving your startup a chance to evaluate the situation and keep a customer.

Things get resolved before they spread.

Calls are screened

You are a busy entrepreneur and the prospect of answering every phone call, business or personal, is SO time-consuming you’d rather have someone to answer them for you.

But it’s not that simple.

For one thing, you are not really looking forward to additional monthly costs of having someone in the office, for the sole purpose of answering your calls.

For another, you can’t afford a physical office. And even if you could, your business is all-virtual and to have an office is redundant. Your apartment is doing fine receiving those business mails.

So, what to do?

Getting a live receptionist service is the solution to this dilemma.

Not only you are hiring top notch and multi-skilled virtual receptionists to handle your calls and represent your business to your customers, you can also maintain a staff without a physical office.

Very convenient and works well with your business model.

Now you can have peace of mind going to your business meetings and appointments, without getting constantly ‘disturbed’ by calls, some of which are not business-related.

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