3 Reasons Small Businesses Need Live Answering Services


When marketing effectively made you feel something about a product or service, what do you do first?

You contact the business or the brand behind the product or service, in order to appease the desire and the ‘wanting’ that overwhelm your insides.

Whether to inquire or buy, you need to get it done. And fast.

What is the fastest way to making your feelings heard? Calling via the phone.

For business owners, this consumer behavior must be welcomed with the ease of being contacted, clarity of procedures and unwavering professionalism.

When the marketing brings in the customers, all your customer service team have to do is to bring stellar customer experience.

But what if yours is a small business and can’t afford having a call center or live answering team?

Have you heard of virtual live answering services?

Three Benefits of Getting a Live Answering Service: 1. You’ll be able to compete with the big fish

Live answering services for small businesses
In a world where the internet makes most industries’ playing field even, the chance to compete with big
corporations and businesses in the digital landscape is not as bleak as it used to.

Every call is an opportunity and businesses with their own call centers or live answering services have always been able to attend to every call that gets into their line.

Having your own call center is no small task. More so, money.

But as the internet modernizes and brings in more capabilities, even a small flower shop or a cake café can set up its own answering service, without having to provide for an office or the needed logistics.

With a virtual live answering service, the personnel and his services are outsourced to a remote location, with the virtual personnel provider shouldering the costs of maintaining an office and providing for the internet and equipment.

When utilized, small businesses can appear as a big corporation to their customers.

Now all small businesses have to do is to up the stakes in providing stellar customer service experience to clients.

2. It’s cost-effective

As mentioned above, having your own call center does not come cheap.

We’re talking about millions of dollars’ worth in investment, and time.

As a small business, the route to having your own call center is going to be ‘breezy’ as Titanic’s.

On the other hand, tapping into the opportunity that is live virtual answering service meant you can start managing your customer calls within three weeks’ time, pay substantially lower compared to starting a call center of your own, and focusing on improving your products or services, while the live virtual answering team handle the rest.

3. It’s sustainable

With the proliferation of social media and disruptive marketing, some have dismissed using the phone to contact brands as archaic. And that customers don’t use the phone anymore to contact businesses.

But the statistics beg to differ.

According to New Voice Media, social media channels handle just 3% of all customer communications.

Compare this to the 68% of consumers that get in touch via phone.

In short, phone is and will always be K-I-N-G.

Live virtual answering services will make small businesses seemed like it’s in the league of IBM, Wendy’s or Amazon.

Be one of them now, cleverly.

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