Lean Startup Outsourcing is Smart, Sustainable and Realistic

Lean Starup Ouorsourcing

Entrepreneurs are ready. They are everywhere and lean startup is the starting place.

Suddenly, ideas can be turned into something bigger, something real, making people’s lives better and impacting industries.

Free from the traditional way of doing business, this model follows a flat management structure and makes use of resources in a flexible way.

Trading expensive, long and rigid development cycles for cheaper, shorter and iterative ones, lean startups focus on three phases: to build, to measure and to learn.

This is where entrepreneurs can prove themselves and whether they can succeed when others couldn’t in an industry fraught with unpredictability and fickleness.

For this lean startup to even begin, you need to secure funds in order to find top talents. There is no fooling around with the people who will be incremental to your idea’s success.

When we say top people, these are the best in their chosen fields, whether in design, engineering or marketing.

But you don’t have time for the hiring process. No one has. Time is of the essence and there’s always that feeling of striking while the iron is hot.

By the time you’re done with the interviews, somebody with the same product or app like yours have launched, leaving you the ‘follower’ tag.

That’s putting it mildly.

So, how to get these top people to work for you while smartly apportioning resources in your lean startup?

The answer lies in outsourcing. Consider these:

Lean startup outsourcing skips processes, finds talents fast

lean startup outsourcingA typical hiring process takes about a month. This is the standard in the industry. But you’re not running a standard business.

The fastest and most reliable way of finding and hiring top talents is to outsource them from reputable online job sites.

Begin with a simple search.

From the desired position, the database will show you matches and from there, you can read about their profile, their experiences and skills, and most importantly, their client feedback.

These people won’t come cheap, but they can thrive in the harsh business environment which you’ll bring them to.

They’re not ‘top talents’ for nothing.

Outsourcing cuts costs, lessens responsibilities

While they don’t really have limited resources, lean startups don’t have a lot either.

The trick is to do everything flexibly, so that operations run smoothly without the extravagance of overspending.

For instance, outsourcing the lean startup will save you from the monthly stress of paying and maintaining an office space.

More so, the utility, electricity and other bills that will otherwise eat a chunk in your already maximized resources.

You don’t have to do this. Everything is in the cloud now and having an office is a redundant and costly affair.

You’re not here for that.

You’re here to create the product quickly, get it to market in order to gauge the success (without using excessive resources), and use any information that resulted from early marketing to influence the build’s next phase.

If you compare lean startup outsourcing to the traditional way of getting a product into the market, and how today’s technological advancement makes it possible for startups to compete against giant brands in the same playing field, you’d realize lean startup outsourcing makes you even more competitive.

As an entrepreneur, you feel and you know something like this will change the world. And you will be part of it.

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