Flat Rate Answering Service: 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Flat Rate Answering Service

If you’re one of the many Americans who have been receiving calls from telemarketers, who are offering packages of all kinds, and you fail to grasp any of them, resulting in your dropping the call within two minutes, two things could be in jeopardy.

First, the call center behind the telemarketing agency could be losing sums of money with each and every failure to generate a sale via the phone.

Second, the telecommunications company supporting the call center’s operational technology could be losing money, too, on those dropped calls, as strategically, the client has opted for a pay-as-you-go package, enabling it to only pay for the minutes used with each and every call.

Those two-minute calls are cheap. Whereas, if the call center opted for a flat rate package, whether a call was short or didn’t get a sale, the call center still pays for the monthly bill agreed upon the contract. And the bill could get higher as the calls get longer.

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner who plan to setup an answering service department, you may want to avoid flat rate offers.

What is a flat rate answering service?

What is a Flat Rate Answering Service

Simply, it is an answering service call center provider that bills its clients with a fixed monthly premium.

If a client exceeds the agreed monthly call minute allocation, it will pay for the excess minutes, making this setup less beneficial to those who are making short or a few calls every month.

But for those who make few but long calls, getting an answering service via a flat rate scheme will enable you to communicate with your prospects effectively, without getting constantly bombarded by the thought you have already consumed a lot for a single call, and the next ones will exceed your monthly minute quota, impacting productivity and in the long run, quality.

How do flat rate answering services work?

With a flat rate answering service plan, you can make unlimited number of calls and you will still be paying the exact amount you agreed upon in the contract.

However, on instances when some calls went longer than expected, you will pay for every minute of them, impacting your budget in the long run, should it become rampant.

Most telecommunications companies offer software or apps (if they offer mobile versions) to monitor call durations. Most of these software send a notification when call lengths approach the set limit, enabling owners to adjust proactively.

How can a flat rate answering service save my business money?

If you see your business doing aggressive telemarketing over the next couple of months, flat rate answering service may not protect you from ballooning costs, owing to two things: the scheme’s flat rate and the unpredictable duration of the calls made.

Pay as you go, the flat rate plan’s opposite, will be the best answering service choice for you.

However, if your nature of business specializes in making few, but longer calls, flat rate answering service will provide you with an impeccable mix of flexibility and affordability.

As a budding entrepreneur, let the nature of your business, determine if a flat rate answering service is the right one for you. What is your business about? Why does it need to make calls?

And how long do you think these calls last on a ‘normal’ day. These questions will lead you to the right path.

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