Author: Sheila Evans

3 Reasons to Finally Get your Startup the Service of a Live Receptionist

Training virtual assistant

You know what happens when you sacrifice the little things, so that the big things can happen? The big things rarely happen! Generally, entrepreneurs would overstretch saving their resources in preparation for the big things. For instance, not everyone is so keen to have someone receive their customers and business prospects via phone. They have […]

What Your Remote Receptionist Can Do for You While You’re Away

Remote Receptionist

The constant incoming calls, the queries from both the business’ website and social media channels, and the many needs-to-make-that-call-but-can’t excuses, they’ve become invasive. The closest thing you can compare your life to, lately, would be a pail in the shower, overflowing with water. You can’t just keep up with the commitments any longer. In a […]