Virtual Answering Service for the Busy Attorney: 3 Key Advantages

Virtual answering service for attorneys

Attorneys are always busy. So busy, in fact, the words rest days and weekends have somewhat become foreign to them. What is a rest day?

When Ally McBeal, the popular female lawyer working in a fictional Boston law firm, Cage and Fish, was first shown in the fall of 97, it depicts she and her lawyer colleagues as having total control of their time, breezing through lawsuits and meetings, and spending their Friday nights at their favorite chill-out bars, talking about imaginary dancing babies, relationships and domestic errands.

While the show certainly made being a lawyer ‘cool’ again, (The Practice was cool, too, but it was monochromatic), it wasn’t the most realistic depiction of what an everyday life really is for an attorney.

Today’s, attorneys are almost always ‘occupied,’ regardless of their client volume or schedule, and they’d rather focus on them, than spending all evening in a bar somewhere in San Francisco.

Not that attorneys don’t like to chill. It’s just they don’t ‘chill’ till the bar closes.

You cannot blame these professionals as their job simply entails around the clock responsibility, more so, the constant incoming/outgoing calls they are susceptible to.

As much as you want to entertain all of these calls, it is simply physically impossible – unless you are Superman.

Since you are not, you need someone to be able to take/make calls on your behalf so you will not miss on anything, business-wise.

Imagine one of Washington DC’s busiest highways. Traffic is a mess, as usual, and tempers are running high.

The cars are your clients, you’re the highway and your secretary will be the traffic enforcer, bringing order and peace.

If you want to minimize on costs, hiring a virtual secretary, to handle your client answering service department, is reasonably more cost-efficient than hiring a personal one, who needs to be with you in the office, bringing along with her corresponding monthly bills.

Almost everything is done on the internet now, enabling virtual secretaries to cater to their attorney clients from miles away, matching the secretaries, work and performance wise, of those in the upper echelon of the corporate world.

Answering Services for Attorneys have: Live phone answering

attorney virtual answering service

Not all calls are made equal. While some of them are service-related inquiries, there will be times when others would unknowingly ask for free legal advices via phone call.

Nothing is free. You didn’t go all through the challenge of getting a degree in law to play Santa Claus in your professional career now.

As much as you want to entertain them, maybe you were feeling generous that day or the caller was a distant relative, you know you’re setting yourself up to an upcoming storm of calls, because word will spread about this brilliant attorney, whom you can ask free legal advice from.

However, with your virtual secretary receiving calls first, she can filter these types of calls, and would only forward calls to you, depending on the specific instructions you have requested.

The virtual secretary will handle them on the spot, saving you time, resources and energy, which you all need to focus on your paying clients.

Imagine doing that by yourself every single time.

Additionally, the virtual secretary can take and deliver messages, via phone to be organized before forwarding them to the format of your choice (SMS, email, voice mail, etc.).

Everything can now be ‘breezy’ with the secretary right by your side, virtually.

Consultations and appointments scheduling

Apart from being your business’ first line of defense against unwanted calls, virtual secretaries can also schedule and organize your client consultations and appointments.

All you have to do is give her access to your online calendar, and be amazed by how she will make everything neat and orderly, keeping you in the loop in all of your incoming client and business transactions.

That’s not all, for she can also take care of confirming appointments and verifying representation before your scheduled meet up.

No more missing on appointment dates or getting late, which could dent your reputation as a professional.

Reports customization

For documentation and filing purposes, all of your transactions must have records. Sounds good on paper, but is actually tedious in reality.

More so, you do not have time for that. Who has, though?

Apart from making and screening calls, virtual secretaries are also adept at providing attorneys with standardized reports of all your business transactions.

Whether it’s Word, Excel or PowerPoint, they are a seasoned pro at productivity tools and software.

Upon giving instructions, make sure you have clearly stated what you want to see in the reports: format, delivery and deadlines. And you are all set.

The opportunities of choosing a virtual secretary to handle your live answering service (among other functions) are simply too good to miss.

Not only you are cutting costs by a considerable amount, you are also taking advantage of the flexibility this 21st century setup offers.

How to get the best possible virtual secretary when there are literally thousands of search results from the query?

Checking on Google is always a great start. From there, you search as deep as going to page 5, where you’ll now be presented with a total of at least 50 results.

The results will be likely about the companies and the attorney virtual secretarial services they offer.

Check each and every website, and narrow them to your top 10.

At this point, all the candidates now offer almost identical packages and freebies besting the others’. Even the prices are in the same range.

The secret to finding the best attorney live answering service provider is to check its social channels.

How does it communicate with its followers? Does it update frequently or the last one had been last Christmas? Does it interact with zest and professionalism expected from its industry?

You can’t fake genuine human interaction. If the virtual secretary service provider seemed to be treating its community with grace and care, then you’ll be in good hands.

Welcome to the future!

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