Month: October 2017

Ditch the Answering Machine and Go 100% Live with Virtual Answering Service

Ditch the Answering Machine

When Microsoft introduced Windows Vista in the beginning of 2007, to eventually replace the world’s most-beloved operating system, Windows XP, not only did the backlash made Microsoft rush-release Windows 7 shortly after two years, it also made the company re-think how it’s going to implement future incremental changes. People will always react strongly to change. […]

4 Tips on Skills to Finding the Best Receptionist

Best receptionist

From hotels, spas, concert domes to airlines and government agencies, there’s always the receptionist stationed to welcome and assist people in the right department. Literally, receptionist are the gatekeepers of every organization. Under their watchful gaze, external communication is organized and managed, so everyone in the company can function at their best. And so, finding […]