Month: June 2016

Why Putting Your Brand’s Personal Touch in Your Answering Service Spells Success

Personal Touch Answering Service

Have you ever noticed why Apple’s corporate brand doesn’t have a name? Just the monochromatic fruit in a white background? Yet, you can tell it’s Apple. For many years, Apple’s branding has been very consistent, since the beginning, that its identity has been etched into the minds of the market with instant familiarity, sharing the […]

3 Company Secretarial Services You Can Get From a Virtual Secretary

Company Secretarial Services

The problem most startup entrepreneurs face when the business finally operates is the prospect of having to deal with the not-so-desirable necessity of office affairs. For them, most administrative tasks are simply too time-consuming, let alone tedious, and they’d rather focus on making their products or services better. However, a business is only as good […]