Month: February 2016

Is Outsourcing Your Company’s Phone Answering Service a Smart Move?

Outsource Phone Answering Service

When the outsourcing boom reached fever pitch at the beginning of 2005, Americans were torn between two contrasting sides. China has opened its cheap-labor market to the world. The first two decades saw the government propping up support in all socioeconomic levels in preparation of being fully-capable to handle manufacturing and production of any scale […]

Sound like a Big ‘Corporate’ Business with Virtual Answering Services!

Corporate Answering Service

In a world where impression makes or breaks long term business goals and aspirations, making the best possible first-time encounters with your customers is a must. How do you impart a great first-impression impression? For starters, how do your customers make first contact with your brand? Mostly, via the phone, right? That’s where you will […]