Month: January 2016

Faking Confidence During an Interview

Faking Confidence

I Love You, Beth Cooper may have flopped at the box office, but one of its many lines might have achieved iconic status: “They can smell fear.” Geeks Rich Munsch and Denis Cooverman invited the ‘Cheerleaders’ in their house graduation party, with the latter being so nervous about it, and the former urging him to […]

Get These 3 Best Time-Saving Apps Now!

Time Saving Apps

In 2016, you’ve decided to finally confront the one thing that made your 2015 a-not-so-productive year: YOU. Getting sidetracked by the internet has been the culprit all this time, yet until now you haven’t really paid attention to it. It’s a good kind of getting sidetracked, after all. But faced with deadlines, feelings of intense […]