Month: November 2015

Confronting Your Fears

November 30, 2015 in by | Your opinion matters
Confronting your fears

Merriam-Webster defines ‘fear’ as an unpleasant emotion caused by being aware of danger; a feeling of being afraid; a feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful. Given that most people would be familiar with the first two entries, the third puts a new perspective to the otherwise ‘negative’ connotation of the word. In […]

Virtual Secretaries: Pros and Cons

Virtual Secretary Pros and Cons

When talking about the virtues of the virtual world, people’s opinions delve into two opposite aspects. Some of them believe firmly that new technologies are the path to the future whereas others complain about this unstoppable race that is turning the world upside down, destroying the traditional ways of doing business. Both, I must say, […]

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone at Work

Confort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” —Neale Donald Walsch You’ve been eyeing this position at work for months now. Word has it that the current person for the job will file for a resignation in a month or two, having secured a position in his new company in Sunnydale; your window of […]