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How does Cloudsecretary work?

  • Your customers call you and your call is diverted.
  • Your secretary answers on your behalf with your customized greeting. Calls can be filtered according to your instructions.
  • You'll receive a text message per call with your client's contact information and message.
  • Answer your calls at your convenience without taking up your precious time or interrupting important meetings.

What we offer

1. A Professional Receptionist

  • Our Schedule is from 8:00 am to 9 pm EDT time Monday to Friday
  • Redirects your call to your chosen contact.
  • Collects information taken from calls so you can search information and refer to messages in your call history.
  • During after hours, you will receive voice messages in your email.

2. Managing Your Agenda

  • We send you reminders on events in your schedule.
  • Confirm your appoiments and remind your clients on the date and time of your next meeting.
  • Schedule appoiments and update waiting lists.
  • We keep your agenda up-to-date. We handle unexpected, delayed or cancelled appointments and make new ones that work around your schedule!

3. Virtual Office

  • Have an address and phone number with chosen area code for your company in any city or state.
  • We can provide notification services through email, fax, or text messaging.
  • If needed, we can find you a furnished office in any city. Just let us know the date, time and hours you'll work.

4. Perform Tasks for You!

  • Delegate small tasks to help you leverage your time on more important and profitable work.
  • Translate text to more than 10 languages.
  • Organize trips! We can assist in booking flights, finding hotels and getting car rentals for your business trips.

Our Clients

  • Freelancers

    When you have a lot of clients, it can very difficult to attend to all of them yourself.
    Your Cloudsecretary gives your clients an impression that your company is big, organized and successful. We take care of administrative tasks such as answering and filtering your calls, organizing your agenda and making your clients feel attended to while you work!

  • Entrepreneurs starting a business

    One of the most important keys to success is controlling your costs from the start. With Cloudsecretary you are able to provide basic services that all of your clients would expect of you without having to make any large investments or commitments. Our Cloudsecretaries can attend to basic administrative tasks while you can focus on what is really important: turning your idea into a real business!

  • Businesses going international

    Now with Cloudsecretary, you can have a virtual office anywhere in the world! Giving your business the possibility to branch out your products and services. We can offer you a local mailing address, phone number with a local area code, and a Cloudsecretary who will answer in the spoken language of your target market.

  • Home Based Business Opportunities

    The most difficult thing about working from home is balancing your work life with your personal life. Cloudsecretary offers at a very affordable cost to have your own personal secretaries answer your calls and help with small administrative tasks. You can optimize your time and concentrate on your priorities. On top of that, you’ll have more freedom from your phone as well as security knowing that a professional will be answering on your behalf 12 hours a day!

  • Professionals who are always on the go

    Professionals who are constantly on the road and have overloaded agendas frequently have problems managing their appointments. With your Cloudsecretary you will never miss a call while you are busy dealing with a customer or doing an important task. Have your very own Cloudsecretary schedule your appointments and deal with all your incoming calls with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.